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Thread: Lucky Lucky (& Chance)!

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    Lucky Lucky (& Chance)!

    Thanks for nominating Lucky to PotD, your story was very informative. A special thank you for including Lucky's currently and before pictures (for other readers, it's in the "View more images of Lucky!" link): Those pictures make the difference between a healthy and unhealthy gecko much clearer.

    Glad to see that both geckos got a new 'chance' at life, with someone who has both the knowledge and the concern to make sure they stay healthy and happy!
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    Lucky what a beauty you have become!

    I am so happy that you and Chance have a wonderful home and loving guardian who will take the best care of you for your entire lives. It just makes me want to cry thinking of you in your former home.

    A big Congratulations, sweetie, to you for being our special Pet of the Day and to you and Chance for getting such a wonderful home.
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    Greetings beautiful Lucky and Chance! Happy Pet of the Day to both you sweeties! I too was near tears reading of your horrific beginnings! We give greats thanks to your caring, compassionate rescuer and guardian for saving you from the most unspeakable of fates, for providing you with the happiest and most loving of forever homes. Under her (or his) responsible loving care you are both finally living the lives you so richly deserve; what an amazing transformation! As your human has said, we all hope that anyone considering welcoming such unique creatures into their lives do so responsibly, educating themselves to your species very special needs, as well as committing themselves to a lifetime of care, and love! Hope you're enjoying your much deserved day of honor, beautiful Lucky and Chance! I hope for you both, many more peaceful, carefree, happy and healthy years with your wonderful human!

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    A befitting name as you are very lucky to have finally wound up with a loving and knowledgeable guardian! And what a beautiful girl you have blossomed into with the right care, lovely Lucky! Chance of a lifetime has also been blessed and I wish you both longevity and happiness in your forever home!

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