Oh, what Pinot has to endure! I'll let her explain...

The last two weeks have been HORRID! About two weeks ago my constant companion, Mousie, went missing. I ALWAYS know where my Mousie is! I thought, someone hid my Mousie! It was bad enough when Mom took away Fishy (she said she couldn't repair her anymore), but Mousie's been with me always! I looked everywhere, Mom & Dad said they looked, too - no Mousie... I began to think that housekeeper woman vacuumed up Mousie. She THREW Mousie once, she's never understood our relationship. I had just about given up. Then, today, Dad cleaned out the basket on the steps (they call it the bill basket) - and GUESS WHAT?? Daddy found my Mousie! I don't know WHO put my Mousie in there, but I'm just so glad to have him back!!

I just knew you all would understand!

Have a great day!

Purrs, Pinot