I just saw this and have already tried to post pics of my dogs but didn't realize I missed this, My name is Tye and I live in the great state of texas, I amowend by 4 dogs, 1 cat, 1 snake(technically is the b/f's), a bearded dragon and 2 very large fish tanks, plus we have a roommate who has 3 cats of her own. I live for my dogs and kids and I fight BSL = Breed SPecific Legislation everyday, I refuse to let someone tell me that I can't own the breed of my choice when I am a responsible owner. I want to thank Krista aka luvsofallhorses for inviting me here, I hope to see a lot more of my self ehre, I do have my own site, www.k9bsl.com but I go from board to board daily, lol

haha I never sleep