Happy Thanksgiving to all of our PT friends! !

Dear fellow Catmobile Contingent Purrents,

This morning Soncat told me something that I must pass along. He heard Groucho come in early this morning and saw the Catmobile pulling away. When asked about it, Groucho told Soncat that a group of the kitties took the Catmobile and went from farm to farm rescuing turkeys. All rescued turkeys were hidden in the Catmobile and whisked away to the next farm. When they couldn't fit another turkey inside, the Catmobile crew went to the White House to ask for all their new friends to be pardoned. The pardon was granted and all the birds were taken to a safe haven.

Groucho won't say who came up with this idea or name any of the other kitties involved. All he will say is rounding up all those turkeys took a bit of effort but the rescue was a huge success and the rescuees were very thankful.

If any of your kitties know anything about this, would you please post in and let us know?