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Thread: Home Needed for 2 Red Eared Turtles

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    Home Needed for 2 Red Eared Turtles

    Hi All-

    Iím looking to find our turtles a new home. Iíve been having a lot of back pain recently and I found out that I have spondylolisthesis (slipped vertebra) and degenerative disc disease. I was told that I should stay away from heavy lifting and cleaning the turtle tanks have taken a toll on my back.

    Enough about me, here is some information about the turtles.

    Asterix is a boy turtle and he is approximately 7 years old. He is very friendly and he came to live with us in Oct. 2007. Asterix loves our cats and finds them very entertaining.

    Asterix is currently in a approximately 30 gallon tank with an enclosure built around his tank that sits on a desk. When we clean his tank we take him out and place him in either his 10 gallon tank or a Rubbermaid container that we transport him to the vets in. Asterix isnít too fond of other turtles since heís been alone since he was adopted by a young gentleman who built the enclosure for his tank. He sadly had to give Asterix to a family of 4 but they didnít have the proper time to care for him so they listed him on Freecycle and thatís how we came to adopt him. At the time I didnít have this back trouble I do now or otherwise I would have left someone else adopt him.

    Asterix is a very cool turtle especially when he is crawling around on top of his enclosure. He loves attention and to be talked to.

    Yurtle is our female turtle. She is approximately 4-5 years old. She is a rather shy turtle but loves to eat. We feed our turtles 3 times a week and they get lettuce throughout the week. Yurtle loves the cuttle bones that you can get for birds to sharpen their becks on. Yurtle has her own tank and she has been that way since 2006 when we adopted her from a lady who was giving her away on Freecycle. The lady didnít want Yurtle anymore because she was eating all of her fish, well go figure thatís what they do. Yurtle isnít a great swimmer, but when you toss in a few feeder fish she becomes this whole other turtle and swims like crazy to eat those feeder fish.

    Yurtle is a pretty large turtle that would require at least a 55 gallon tank. She is overall friendly but doesnít like to be picked up much. She is fine with you cleaning her tank while she is in there but she doesnít like it if you do a complete water change then she gets a little worked up but never aggressive just sounds aggressive.

    We recently purchased a 55 gallon tank about 2 years ago and she has been in there since. When we first placed her in the 55 gallon tank she was very scared due to the new surroundings but adapted fairly quickly.

    Iím looking for a forever home for both of these guys they donít have to go to the same home since they donít like each other.

    I would just like to find someone that can provide the care to them that Iím no longer able to do.

    Please e-mail me with any questions.

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    Does anyone know of any rescues that might take these guys in?


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    Such sweet turtles. I'm sorry you have to rehome them.

    I typed 'Pennsylvania Reptile Rescue' into Google search and a few hits came up. I'm not sure where in PA you are, so you would know best which is closest to you.

    Good luck!
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    It's been one month now since I've started searching for a new home and we've had a few replys to our craiglist ads but no one seems to want to them.

    I would really like to find them a great home. If anyone could forward this to people they know who might be interested.


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