At The Palace in Montreal, Canada, we all have our stories:

Iím Norman, channeling through KatMa. I'm the recycled kitty; Iím about 13 now. My baby brother, Felix was abandoned as a wee, helpless kitten. He came to The Palace when he was about 10 months old which makes him just over 3 years old now. Baby Rascal is about a year old. He joined stray =^..^= Ebony under balcony for food in July 2009. Ebony has come faithfully twice a day since Sping 2008.

Baby Rascal let our KatMa scoop him up so heís been neutered and vaccinated. Baby Rascal is healthy but FIV+ He lives inside The Palace in his very own bachelor apartment!! In January, February and March our veterinarian, Dr. A. will come to our house once a month to vaccinate me and my baby brother, Felix against FIV+ Once Dr. A. gives the go-ahead, KatMa plans on introducing Baby Rascal to us.

Late September 2009 Oreo joined Ebony under the balcony. Oreo is at least 10+ years old. Oreo wheezes like an asthmatic. KatMa wishes Ebony and Oreo would just let her pick them up and bring them to Dr. A. for neutering/spaying and all required vaccines to protect them.

KatMa has come to terms with the fact that she canít adopt every kitty who comes to her for food, shelter and love. This is called ďthe marriage-saving tacticĒ as our Paw-Paw is allergic to us! This also means KatMa has finally accepted the Neuter/Spay/Release concept is second best to being adopted into a good home. KatMa will feed Ebony and Oreo so long as they keep coming because she is already deeply in love with them.