I was just thinking today how I work at Chickfila and how that's never gonna get me anywhere in life. I'm already 21 y/o and I've nevr been to college. I didn't wanna go after high school. My mom tried and tried to make me, but I didn't want to then. NOW, I have no idea what I want to do I know staying at Chickfila isn't gonna get me anywhere in life. I've thought about going to school-taking some classes...or either get another job. But I thought if I get another job-who knows? I might not like it and then I'd wish I was back at Chickfila. I've always thought that nursing might be good for me cause I enjoy being around people and I've had to help take care of my grandparents and so I've been around people that 'need' me. I also thought about an x-ray tech. You only gotta go to school 2 yrs. for that. I don't really wanna have to go to school a long time, ya know? Four years just seems like forever!!!! I kinda thought about photography... I love making pictures of my dogs I really don't know what I want. How did you know when you found out 'that's what I want to do!' Did you always know or did it just pop into your head oneday? I don't really want to go to school, but I'm afraid that if I don't I'll end up years from now w/ a job that doesn't pay enough that I really don't enjoy and I want something I enjoy...what should I do????