I have not been here for years tho I have checked out the pets of the day on and off. I already posted a few times but decided it was time to introduce myself.

I have one cat named Autumn, she is a tortie and very cute. I adopted her from a shelter and was told she is about 2 to 3 years old. Unfortunately she is very timid and tho she has been with me for almost a year she has not got over that. She will come to me and sit and cuddle but if I go towards her she runs away. I can't get her into the carrier to go to the vet either, she just takes off and runs under the bed

Before Autumn I had a cat named Misty who lived to almost 16 years old, she was the love of my life. This month is a year since I had to let her go and it still hurts very much. In fact Misty was the cat of the day dated Oct. 5, 1998 and you can see her in the archives.

Glad to meet you all.