I understand advertising can be annoying. It's everywhere. Television (public and private), radio, newspapers, magazines, books, movies, clothes, shoes, buildings, cars, taxis, busses, trains, blimps, billboards...

   Pet Talk is a special place because it is full of special people. People should be able to tell others what they do for a living or for a hobby. To me the question is how to do it. Therefore we have created a new forum called "Marketplace" dedicated to advertising and self-promotion.

   These rules may change at any time as we learn what is best for Pet Talk. Right now we have two rules:

1) Advertising and self-promotion will be limited to this one forum with the exception of a single line of text in your signature. Images should be limited to truly special subjects like pets.

2) Unlike all our other forums only people with ten or more posts will be allowed to create their own threads here.