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Thread: Corinna - an inspiration

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    Corinna - an inspiration

    Corinna, a beloved member of PT, left this earth on November 3, 2006. I did not know her; I was not a member of PT at the time. I have seen her name since I've joined and did some searching-I'm glad I did. I thought it would be fitting on All Saints Day, and almost the anniversary of her passing, to do a tribute, as she continues to inspire.

    Corinna was someone who cared for all living beings. She seemed to make sure everyone around her knew they were valued and loved. Corinna made sure everyone's needs and wants were attended to; she gave her time and devotion to animal causes, the members of this forum, and those in her life; fur and human. I found this out just by looking at posts here and cannot imagine how fortunate those in her life felt by knowing her.

    I don't mean to be presumptuous, but I would like to say Corinna's legacy would be to take care of each other, take care of the animals, and take care of yourself. In light of how she passed, the last may be the most important legacy; take care of yourself. You can't ignore your health and well being.

    Corinna, I did not know you, but I know you're missed and loved by many. I would like those who knew her, and maybe didn't, to write any inspirational thoughts regarding her impact on their lives. I know she's taking care of our babies who have gone to the Bridge. Peace.

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    Very nice. I had only been part of PT about 3 months, barely getting to know the pets; humans tend to come second, lol. So I didn't know her, either. But I saw the impact she had on this community, at the time of her passing, and so wished I'd had the opportunity to know her.

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    What a wonderful gesture, Maggie. I didn't know her either, but have read some about her, and it seems that she was a very caring and compassionate individual. This world needs more people such as she. I wish I had the privilege of knowing her as some of the older PT members did, and I too hope that they will share with us relative "newbies", their thoughts and memories of Corinna.
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    Corinna was a wonderful woman. I had the pleasure of sharing a few pms with her. She made a scarf out of my RB Mandy's fur, a treasure as it is a part of both Mandy and Corinna. We spoke a few times about the loss of our furkids, her Merlin and my Mandy. She was a very kind person and is sadly missed.
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    Corrina was a lovely woman, taken from those that loved her entirely too soon. I have the quilt she made J from the patches others sent in. It will be treasured always.

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    Yes Corinna was a Dear Loving Deep Hearted Woman.. She has been Missed so Much.. She did love animals & loved her dogs.. Yes she left this earth way too soon.. However I just know she is in the rocking chair up at RB with all of our beloved PT babies comforting them..

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    I never PMed her but I felt that I knew her by her wonderful posts and her caring attitude towards everyone.

    Corinna, you are missed here but I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge, watching over all of us!

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    She was certainly a special woman and I'll never forget the kindness and generousity she showed towards The Muttlies and I. She had a special love for my Simba boy.

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    Corinna was a wonderful woman who touched everyone on Pet Talk if you took the time to get to know her.

    It was a terrible shock when we lost her - a devastation for her family.

    All of us have been blessed by her as she crossed our paths.

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    I feel blessed to be one of the fortunate few who spent time with Corinna and I even met her Mom and Dad and furfamily. I remember thinking "here is this PTer who doesn't know me from adam and she's introducing me to her family." I had a wonderful time with her and that is a time that will never fade from my memory.

    Corinna, you are in a better place. I will see you again some day.
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    I remember Corinna well. She was a lovely woman and posted some really sweet and caring replies here. I didn't get to know her personally, but some day I will meet her at the RB. I choose to believe that she has met John up there, and they are sitting together having a cup of coffee and stroking the furkids.

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