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Do you know my Edwina and Eddie?

Edwina came to live with us from a shelter. We adored her, pampered her. She was (and still is!) very, very spoiled. And an only cat for a few years.

And then one day a PetTalker asked if we could take in Eddie for a weekend. Oh how we worried! But we took him in. He lived in the basement. He would not come out for ...gosh weeks I think? We would go to the basement and read the paper or just talk. And we would talk to him, even if we could not see him. (Of course...that has been a very long weekend....)

My niece was also living in the basement while attending college. Eddie started to come out and be with her.

Meanwhile, Edwina -- at the top of the stairs - "what is that noise? There cannot possibly be another cat in my house!"

Until one day Eddie ventured upstairs. He never really went back down to live.

Edwina keeps him in line. She never lets him forget who is the boss.

They moved across the country together in the back of the car.

I don't think they will ever cuddle. But I just went upstairs and they are both on the bed.

They are usually in - at least - the same room. She bites his butt, she slaps his face, she chases him. Sometimes he chases her.

She is a lap cat. He wants to but just can't (because she wouldn't approve? I am not sure.) But today, a guy was here installing my new computer and it was Eddie who insisted on meeting him.

Here is Eddie's first diary diary of Eduardo and his second second diary and it went on.

It takes time but it was oh so worth it.

Dear Don Eduardo, I love your diaries!! And as you well know, I you! I am re-locating this post for WhiskLuva, who I know is another of your loyal fans, and for other PT newcomers.

Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs, (some for Lady Edwina too),