Hey, My name is Jessica and you may have heard about Bear already from my brother Joseph, But I wanted to make my own post. Bear was a cute and cuddly cat. He was only 13 years of age. Born on December 31st of December 1995, Or January 1st 1996. I was about 1 years old when he was born, So I don't remember watching. But what I do remember is growing up with him. He was so beautiful, as well as my cat Sylvester who I found under a car across the street when I was 5. Bear had one blue eye and one yellow eye. He had pure white fur and curls on his underbelly. A pink nose, pink insides of his ears, and pink paws. A white ball of fluff he was and still is. My little angelic kitty. He will always be my baby boy, And I love him with all of my heart.

But on a Tuesday, October 20th we had some bad news. My mom took bear to the vet with Joey because we thought he had some type of gum disease. He couldn't eat much food and he had teeth falling out. When they came back, The mood was different. I had just came back from looking for my dog Cruise who I finally found after hours of searching. My mom told me. Bear had cancer. A tumor in his jaw had spread into the bone. It was practically impossible for a doctor to remove. They would have to take his whole jaw off and we didn't want him to live that way. So my mom brought him home for a few days so that the family could spend more time with him and say our goodbyes. During those days I was constantly taking pictures of Bear. I wanted to capture every moment we had left together.
This was the last picture I took of bear. This is in the room he was put to sleep in when we were saying goodbyes to him and kissing him. (My mom's holding him in this)
Then came Saturday, October 24th. We had to put him to sleep. I stood in the room while my mom held bear in my old beach towel. I gave him lots and lots of kisses and held him in the comfort room before it was time. I love him so much, and still miss him. I cry every night in thought of him. But I now know that he's in a better place now.

Healthy Bear pictures...

October 24th, Earlier in the morning.-

I love you,
Rest in peace BearBear.