Hi All,

I'm looking for some feedback. I had to have my sweet little kitty, Journey euthanized on October 2nd. I don't know what happened. He seemed fine when I took him in, but his labwork did show that he had hyperthyroidism. The first dr. said that he had no masses and that he would be able to feel them because he was thin. The second dr., a partner, rescribed Methimazole, 10 mg/ml, 3 ml, twice per day. After four doses Journey became very ill, vomited seven times and then just started going down hill. He became listless, unable to keep food down, and some days no water. He tried to eat for about three days, but vomited it up immediately. After that he just stopped trying, but sometimes did drink water. I thought he showed signs of feeling like he was going to die because he was going behind things and in the basement and just laying. I had xrays done and one portion of his small intestine was very dialated. The second dr. said at first that he thought this could be a tumor, but then later said this could just be gas. He kept saying I should take him to a town about an hour away to get an ultrasound done, but that that might not show anything, and the only thing that might discover what was wrong was exploratory surgery. Then when I told him to do the exporatory surgery and bypass the burium xray and ultrasound, he refused saying that because he was older, 14, he might have high bloodpressure and wouldn't survive the anesthesia. This didn't make sense to me because he was either going to starve to death, or I was going to have to have him euthanized anyway. I thought he was suffering because he had to be living off of his muscle tissue because he had no fat. So I finally decided I had no choice. I didn't want him to coninue on this way and I couldn't get them to do anything to find out what could have caused this so suddenly. When I took him in to be euthanized, the first dr. saw him again. I was surprized that though he knew why we were there, he took him and examined him again, and then told me that an option was to take him to the place an hour away for ultrasound, or have exploratory surgery. I told him his parter had said that he wouldn't do the surgery, and I felt he was too sick to travel for an hour to a strange place and have a test done that they both said might not show anything anyway. All this tore me up emotionally. It was very hard for me to make that decision, and then to be told that I had other options, which really I didn't have because they wouldn't do the surgery, made me feel so guilty. I still don't know why he got so sick so suddenly. I know he probably did have hyperthyroidism, but what could have caused him to suddenly be unable to eat? I can't help but feel he would still be alive if I had not taken him in for his check-up. Journey was such a comfort to me over the last year that I had him, because my husband died in 2007, and just a few months later, I had to euthanize my 19 year old kitty. He was such good company for me and had such a sweet nature. Have any of you had experience with such a thing happening so soon after a routine check-up, or after starting the Methimazole?