Hey! I just found this forum and I hope you all can give me some much needed advice. I have two female and one male cats. All are fixed except for one female. We got the cats about 4 years ago and got them about 1 months apart (got 1st on in September, next in Oct and final one in November). The last one (female) we havent gotten fixed yet. We got the male fixed right away so we wouldnt have to worry about kittens. About 6 months after getting the cats, the one fixed female started peeing on things (bed, clothes and towels on floor, even on the carpets in certain corners). It has become worse and worse, so bad that now when I leave a towel on the floor while I am in the shower, by the time I'm out, she will have peed on it. Anyways, we are getting ready to move into our 1st home (buying our 1st house) and I would really like for this to stop. I dont think she has a UTI or anything like that since she doesnt whine and doesnt seem like she is in pain. An idea came into my head so I looked online to check it out and couldnt find anything talking about it so I thought I would ask here. I have caught my female cat that ISNT fixed spraying every once in a while but have never witnessed her doing it around the litter box but I guess it could be possible. Do you think my cat that is peeing could be intimidated by my not fixed female's scent that might be in the catbox? And maybe she is just peeing places and trying to claim her space in other areas? We have two big litter boxes in one room and their food is in a totally different room. Also, the cat that is peeing is the shyer one and sometimes withdrawn, especially when there are loud noises or people around she doesnt know. I hope I have given enough info, please ask if you need more.

HELP! We need help! I want a cat pee free new home!!! It's the grossest smell and never goes away!