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Thread: Our 1 year old dog suddenly started destroying pillows and things.

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    Our 1 year old dog suddenly started destroying pillows and things.

    Hello everyone...this is my first time posting here.

    We have female doberman mix, just over a year old (13 months) named Kava. We got her in October of 2009 as a young puppy and up until now, she has been an absolute angel; she hasn't so much as nibbled on a shoe!!

    This week, however, Kava started exhibiting some uncharacteristic behavior. She has twice taken pillows down from the couch (which she does not go on) and destroyed them, and also chewed up and destroyed a baseball cap.

    We have always given Kava plenty of exercise. A typical day consists of two walks in the morning (one about 15 minutes and the other about 1/2 an hour), then she is typically home alone from about 10am to 3pm after which she gets another fifteen minute walk, then about an hour or so at an off-leash dog park, and then another 1/2 hour walk in the evening.

    There haven't been any changes that we can think of that would cause a change in behavior.

    Kava has always been a really good sleeper and has slept on her dog bed in our bedroom. There were 3 nights this week, however, that she didn't sleep in our bedroom, but slept on her other dog bed downstairs.

    She has had full roam of the house for about 6 months, and has never done anything like this. I plan on keeping her in the kitchen behind a baby gate while we are not home from now on until we figure this out and correct it.

    Does anyone have any ideas why all of a sudden she is acting this way and what we can do to correct it?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Hi and welcome to Pet Talk!!

    I am no expert but it is strange that this just started. All I can think of is a change of any kind. Has anyone started working different hours? A new friend visiting?

    Best of luck with this.

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    Thanks Barry!

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    Sounds like just growing-up type behavior. At about this age, in a dog pack, she'd be challenging for the "top dog" role, and she may just be bored. And as a Doberman, she's naturally smart, so it sounds like she could use some mental stimulation, as well as the walks and physical exercise you are giving her. Do you do any type of fetch or frisbee games with her? Toys that are designed to mentally challenge her - like the balls with holes that she'd have to roll around to get the treats to fall out ... Maybe look into agility - anything mentally challenging would be good!
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    Thanks for the replies. Do you have any suggestions for toys that would be mentally stimulating like the ball that you mentioned.

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    This little guy has been a BIG hit with our three dogs. You stuff some kibble or small treats inside and cut the little 'fingers' just enough so some will fall out as it rolls and bounces.


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    There is always the Kong toy with kibble in it and peanut butter to cover the hole. Then freeze it for a couple hours before you give it to the dog. My dogs LOVE this and will stay occupied with it until every morsel is out. Unless they end up pusing it somewhere they can't get to it. LOL Like under the couch.

    Also the link Seravieve posted has several other toys that would work too. Busy Buddy toys are all enteractive like that.
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