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Thread: Chronic ear infections

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    Chronic ear infections

    Hoping someone can help with this. As you know, Ginger is our older gal and she is a long-eared, floppy-eared Beagle. As with a lot of long eared dogs, she has had chronic ear infections. Black smelly yeast infections. I clean what I can with cotton swobs, and use Q-tips for around the outer ear canal (never going in beyond the initial folds). I have had her to the vet several times and they always give us a wash (mostly peroxide) and an ointment to put in her ears and work in. They seem to help, but never really ever goes totally away. The problem is exacerbated by Bob's incessant licking of her ears. This makes them wet and humid with no air circulation - a perfect environment for continued yeast growth. Any suggestions or best petmeds that I could order???

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    Wondered if you ever tried the blue power wash ? It seems to be quite good at clearing ear problems . I've used it a few times and was pleased with the results and the comments I've gotten from other dog owners were also favourable.

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    Blue powder wash

    I am not familiar with it. Is is something you can get online - like Petmeds?

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    I think you can google it and it will come up. Just about everyone has learned it now. Started by an old show judge ages ago. If you don't find it just pm me and I'll mail you the recipe.

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    Thank you aseil

    I found it and will give it a try.

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    Try giving her a tablespoon of plain yogurt, or you can put the yogurt in an ice tray, and freeze it. This will help fight the yeast. I did it for my springer for a while, and I think it helped. We also use cotton balls and get down deep in his ears with the ear wash. Seems to work.
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    my dog gets ear infection every other month, i use zymox its works wonderful. since she gets ear infection often i order the clinic size bottle
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    Is Zymox something you can get without a vet's prescription? I have been cleaning her ears with alcohol and peroxide morning and night, and it has made her ears cleaner and less smelly, but it does seem like there is still some brownish gunk I can swab out now and again. BUT def cleaner and upon visual inspection with a flashlight, they look really, really clean.

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    Do the ear infections seem to happen certain times of year? Sometimes they can be the result of an underlying problem, like allergies. Might be worth checking, it would save you a lot of cleaning time, and discomfort for her!
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    Don't forget good old diet allergies. Sometimes a change to a different food can help.
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    Casey had chronic ear problems her entire life. When she was almost 12 I changed her food to Nature's Recipe which I bought at Petco. It was expensive but worth it. Turns out she had food allergies her entire life which the vet never picked up on.

    Your gal licks her ears because they itch.

    Hope this helps!

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