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Thread: Zippy-Kat's K'Cee Kitty Get Well Soon Thread

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    Thinking of you and k'cee - I hope she'll be feeling better and back to her old self soon! {{hugs}} to you both!

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    Please plant plenty of kisses on that sweet girl's head for me.

    She has a job to do - so we need her to stick around for a while and do it.

    Cause she is so well loved............

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    I hope your pretty girl feels better very quickly!
    Proud to be a crazy cat lady!

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    Thank you for the continued well-wishes, we definitely need them.

    I think I forgot to mention that the vet was extremely pleased with her blood work. He said that he gets scared when CRF cats come back within 3 days of their diagnosis. But her blood work was all within normal range so he is quite hopeful that this is just a bump in the road.

    Yesterday, Kissiekat ate quite a bit between when I dropped her off and when I got home from work. She didn't eat too much for me after that, though I did hear her eating early this morning. The downside of this is that she is only eating Friskies. I told the vet this and he pleaded with me to get her off of it (apparently it and Walmart's Special Kitty are two foods that quickly lead to urinary stones) but when it's hunger strike or Friskies, which do you chose? (And believe me, I have tried -- I have about $75 worth of untouched catfood in my kitchen.)

    For most of her life, I've fed her holistic high-quality food, so I can only liken this to a little kid that has never had sugar then gets to school and has M&Ms. (ie "YEAHHHH! JUNK FOOOODDDD!!")

    I refuse to be negative around her so when things get too much or I need a crying spell, I leave. She's very in-tune with me and I don't want her suffering from any of the stress I'm feeling. We don't even call the medicines medicines, they are "Princess Potions." (Hey, I never claimed to be fully sane. lol)

    Anyways, it's off to buy more catfood (that will probably go un-eaten *sigh*).

    Thank you guys, again, for your well wishes and concerns. It's amazing how many people will pray for one small cat that they don't even know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zippy-kat View Post

    ... but when it's hunger strike or Friskies, which do you chose?
    (And believe me, I have tried --
    I have about $75 worth of untouched catfood in my kitchen.)

    Anyways, it's off to buy more catfood (that will probably go un-eaten *sigh*).

    It's amazing how many people will pray for one small cat
    that they don't even know.
    Junque Food Rules!

    It's not amazing ...
    most of us have known The Pricess almost as long as you have!

    Anyway - Furriends Puray fur Furriends!

    & {{{Hugs}}}

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    "Princess Potions."
    Oh KissieKat/Zippy, forgive me for laughing....... it's so fitting, isn't it???

    I'm glad to hear that her bloodwork is good. As I've said in other threads, every little milestone is cause for celebration. As an owner of a 17 yr old CRF cat myself, I give Max anything he wants - anything. His favourite is Fancy Feast Chicken and Liver flavour. It may not be high quality but it's got water in it which he needs as he won't tolerate me giving him fluids.

    Purrayers on the way. I'd ask you to give KissieKat a kiss from me, but as I bow down I admit I am not worthy.
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    I am just seeing this thread. Don't know how I missed it. But I am glad to hear she is doing better. Thank goodness it was something that was easily fixable. And I hope her kidney numbers remain at a good level.
    Our goal in life should be - to be as good a person as our dog thinks we are.

    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    Tonya & K'Cee,
    I'm glad to hear that things are getting better. At least a UTI is treatable even though it can be painful. Have you ever tried Innova Evo canned or dry? My cats all love it and I do have two finicky cats,Sunny and Pearl. Storm is prone to UTI's since he had to have the PU surgery and since he's been on this food he hasn't had any more problems. I do make sure that he gets plenty of canned food with some extra water mixed in it too.

    Maybe the Princess would like a kitty fountain to drink from. I've also tried this but Sunny would rather play in it than drink from it. I hope that K'Cee recovers quickly and will start eating the other foods that you have for her. Lots more prayers and positive thoughts are being sent your way. Please take care. (((HUGS)))

    P.S. Since my cats know the word treat, I call their pills treat pills. It works every time.
    Owned by Sky, Pearl, Ziggy Stardust, Alani, Blaze, Colby, Finnegan, and Summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zippy-kat View Post

    I have about $75 worth of untouched cat food in my kitchen ...
    Well ...

    * Take the rejected Krunchie Stuff out to Summer - convince her it's a TREAT
    . . . and it otta disappear purdy quick.

    * Try the WET Stuff on the Dawgs - be sure to serve in a KAT bowl ...

    * Alternate disposal of the WET Stuff:

    --- Mix with a LOTTA Heinz Chili Sauce
    --- Add some minced Peppers
    --- Warm & serve on a sammich bun
    --- DON'T Look and DON'T read the can while eating
    --- Take very small Bytes
    ** Put it out on the front steps as a wildlife repellent.

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    I'm sorry I didn't see this thread until now.
    I hope that sweet K'Cee feels better soon.
    Give her some get well soon hugs and kisses from me.
    RIP sweet Samantha

    Milly & Izzy

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    Your vet is right about Friskies, my cats love Purina One. My vet likes it and it's not expensive! I am with Slick on the Fancy Feast Chicken and Liver flavor. My cats looove this!!! It also contains a good deal of liquid which keeps my vet happy and my FLUTD cat healthy!
    Proud to be a crazy cat lady!

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    I'm very late to see this thread. I sure do hope that all turns out well for K'Cee quickly, easily and in peace. Keep the faythe.

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Quote Originally Posted by zippy-kat View Post
    Thank you guys, again, for your well wishes and concerns. It's amazing how many people will pray for one small cat that they don't even know.
    It's simply not true that we don't know here. I know many kitties here for a long time and I know more about their purrsonality and character than about the cats of some friends whom I do not see that often
    And here I know that everyone feels exactly like I do about their kitties.

    Filou survives now 4 years of CRF and we rather do not follow any diet anymore. It is extremely important that he doesn't lose weight and so he gets his favorite food. I am glad to say that Royal Canin Renal dry food is among his favorites - but with all the other food it changes. He now likes a German organic food called Yarrah- but this may change next week.

    In general, cat food shouldn't contain any veggie parts, so if you feed the cat food to dogs it is better to mix it with some flakes. But dogs being the vacuum cleaners they are will love it

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    Ha, I can identify with a cat only wanting bad catfood. My Louis is 19 and skinny as a rake. He will only eat Whiskas in a pouch. It was only pate for a while now he will eat the bites type. Luckily his 20 year old "sister" will eat anything, so it doesn't go to waste.

    All the best to K'Cee, hope she has a complete recovery.

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    I also missed this earlier.

    I'm sending lots of positive thoughts to K'Cee for a full recovery. It's good to hear the vet was pleased with her bloodwork. I hope K'Cee will keep eating, even if it's "junk" food - she has to build up her stamina.

    Give her some kisses from me and Fister.

    "I don't know which weapons will be used in the third World war, but in the fourth, it will be sticks and stones" --- Albert Einstein.

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