Thought you guys might like a laugh...

I have always sang to my animals. Always. And especially to my horse if she's antsy while I'm in the saddle. (I've found it's hard to be nervous and sing at the same time. Unless, of course, you're on the verge of a rodeo and the only song you can think of is "Giddy up Jingle Horse, pick up your feet!" I digress....)

Miss Hiss really doesn't like her clavamox (UTI antibiotic) AT ALL and has become quite vocal about it. So, in the spirit of positivity, we developed a new song (to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It"):

Here's your Princess Potion,
Drink it down.
Here's your Princess Potion,
Drink it down.
If you take it with some grace
It won't end up on your face.
So here's your Princess Potion,
Drink it down!

There are several variations of this... one for food ("If you're hungry and you know it/Eat your food..."), one for water ("If you're thirsty and you know it/Drink your water..."), and a general catch all ("If you're happy and you know it/Say "Meow, meow!"). Sanity. So highly over-rated!

We've had a fabulous morning! She's almost back to the "normal" Kissiekat, save she's not eating as much (but she IS eating!) so she's pretty thin underneath all that fluff and she's not as energetic. That said, we did play a little bit -- that's the first that that's happened in a few days.

I haven't posted any pictures recently. Here's a couple from this morning.

Thank you for your continued prayers!