K'Cee Kitty - that lil FurrBall who's the Darling of
Long Time New Mexican Tonya (Zippy-Kat) - has
a Kidney condition that is very serious and needs
round-the-clock PT Purrayers ...

Hence this new K'Cee Kitty PT Purrayer Thread.

Here's a few recaps of recent events >>>

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I could really use some prayers. My dearest K'Cee is in kidney failure.
She's been in the hospital since Saturday.
They are going to rerun tests this morning and I'm anxious
yet dreading the news.

I keep reminding myself, "Faith of a mustard seed" ...
but what if that's not enough?

I am terrified and heartsick.
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Dear Zippy-Kat ~

I hope you've been feeling the , {{{Hugs}}} and Purrayers that
have been sent towards New Missico since we heard of K'Cee's illness.

We're all sending Purrayers and Good Vibes to K'Cee ...
Please God, give her the will to jump-start those lil Kidneys to do their thing.

We're With You all the way, Tonya ...

With LOTS of and {{{Hugs}}}
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Thank you guys, too.

I got a call from the vet this morning saying that they'd re-run the bloodwork
and all her levels are back down to NORMAL.
(Saturday, the BUN wouldn't even register because it was so high.)
He said that she was "amazing us."
I asked if he could estimate what percentage of kidneys were working;
best guess --without testing-- would be at least 50% because of the normal results.
He prescribed two medicines (if I understood right, there's three technically,
but he's waiting on one to come in) to take twice daily;
basically they are internal dialysis.
(Thank God she's easy to medicate!)

The next hurdle is 10 days of "wait and see" ...
next Friday (the 18th), they will re-run bloodwork to see
if the medicines will maintain her body.
That's going to be a LONG 10 days.

Thank you guys again!
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I am jumping up and down with this news -
it is so much better than your original news.
Prayers will continue for sure.........but the doctor is right - she is "amazing"..............and well loved!
Let the Pet Talk Purrayers continue to do their Magic!