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Thread: Hi, I Am A Newbie Here!

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    Hi, I Am A Newbie Here!

    Hello All!
    I am new here!
    My name is Pat and I'm from New Jersey. I am a middle-aged housewife, married 29 years, no human children, many pets over the years.
    Currently, I am "Mom" to 5 female felines. My girls are strictly indoors only, all spayed and not declawed.
    Philly is my oldest at just over 4 years old. She was first heard in the woods across from my house, and then finally spotted, snatched up (gently) and brought in to our home in 2005. She was our 'first' cat after an absence of cats for 7 years. We had planned to allow our aging Jack Russell Terrier at that time to finish her life as Queen of the House with no other pets, but finding Philly changed those plans. Philly was named so because of my husbands and my being phans of the Philadelphia was baseball season and I was closing the house up to go to bed after a winning game on tv when I first heard Philly crying over there in the woods. She was roughly 8 weeks old when I found her. Philly is mostly black with a white locket and white "bikini markings" on her underside.

    After our Jack Russell Terrier passed, we adopted black & white tuxie littermate sisters, Kit and Molly. They were 10 weeks old upon adoption. Kit and Molly were born to a feral cat on the property of one of my vets' clients and the litter was brought in to the small adoption center my vet has in the lobby of the practice. They are now 2 1/2 years old. Molly sustained an injury to her eye sometime before she was brought into the adoption center, so we don't know what happened, but it doesn't seem to bother her much. Kit's full name is Kitler because she has a mustache just like Hitler. She was named Kitler by the vet techs who cared for her and my husband liked the name, but I shortened it to Kit. Molly was being called Puss-oulini, HAD to change that name!

    Then in the Spring of 2008 I found a pretty "torbie" cat in our barn loft and then found that she had 3 kittens with her. The kittens were about 5-6 weeks old. I cared for them in the barn loft for about 10 days then got permission from my husband to bring them into a spare room of our home. I got them all to the vets for a check-up and the start of their shots, worming etc. I attempted to find homes for all but the girl kitten, a gray tabby. We'd been entertaining thoughts of looking to adopt a gray cat as we'd never had a gray cat in all our years of loving cats. I didn't have a lot of luck finding homes. We ended up keeping the mom cat, whom we named Tiger Lily. And the gray tabby, whom we named Piper. The boy kittens went all the way to Massachusettes with the help of a friend, where they went to a reliable adoption center. They were adopted together to an indoor only, no declaw home. Tiger Lily is vet estimated to be about 2 1/2 years old, and Piper is roughly 1 1/2.

    So, that's my story! Looking forward to participating in the forums here with some regularity once the busy summer season is over!

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    Welcome, Pat! My name is Zara, I'm 17 and live in north-west England.

    All your kitties sound adorable, but I love this...

    Quote Originally Posted by Momto5FemaleFelines View Post
    Philly is mostly black with a white locket and white "bikini markings" on her underside.
    Aaaw! I would love to see a pic of such unusual markings!

    I hope that you enjoy posting here, sounds like you'll fit right in.

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    Welcome to you Pat, and your 5 fabulous felines. I saw the pics in your album and they are all delightful. My name is Ellie and I'm your neighbor in Delaware, and have called this home for 40 years. I'm originally from RI, and have also called CA, VA, and MD home for short periods of time. I'm retired and live in a 3 generation household with my 2 dogs as pictured in my siggy, an orangie who is my outdoor resident stray, and my son's twin gray feline girls. I'm sure you'll like it here. The more you come around, the more addicted you will become (or that was my experience anyway).
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    Hi Pat and welcome--although not a cat owner I do follow up on the cat threads. Hope you enjoy the forum.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk & enjoy all the talks & pics..

    ~~~Thank You Very Much {Kim} kimlovescats for the Grand Siggy~~~

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    Welcome "newbie" Pat! I'm not too far away; I'm in Maryland, but you'll find pet people from all over the world here. My husband and I are owned by the Tabby pictured on my posts ("Pinot") who gets around on this forum quite often . There are more pictures of her in the album on my profile.

    Looking forward to your pictures and posts! Sounds like you've got quite a crew!

    later....I just went to your album! Love your kitties!! Kitler's moustache is adorable!!

    ​GO RAVENS!!

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    Hello to everyone ,hope everyone is having a nice day.It's a full morning here as the pugs have their rountine as they eat and go out and then the teeth get brushed ,their folds are kept up on and the ears get checked then they usually play for awhile.I rescue mostly seniors as not to many people want the older ones and especially those with health isssues but,i love my seniors as they have such a big heart and they give so much love.I enjoy doing this as my last rescue was a 13year old puggie girl who has one eye and is blind in that one but,she is quite active and fits right in with the others.I enjoy baking from scratch especially this time of year as it gets busy here my pugs love baking day as their noses are always going sometimes i think they might inhale my kitchen.As we're getting ready for the holidays which is fun with these sweeties they try to help mom which usually takes a little longer but,to me they are my christmas everyday as they are such a sweet blessing to me.I do all my own grooming including nails as i have the pedi-paws which they like and i make my own food for them which they do very well with as they have good check-ups so i'm happy with that.

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