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Thread: Mini Schnauzer, Isolina Lacan

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    Mini Schnauzer, Isolina Lacan

    Hello y'all!
    I'm a very cute five year old female mini schnauzer. I'm also very smart, I have a bilingual blog, I'm on facebook and I have an e-mail account! We have a parrot, Felipe Lopez (I don't like him but well, SHE does...). I'd love you to visit my blog!
    See you!

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    Hi and welcome to PT!! My name is Terry. I'm Mom to Daisy and Delilah, 2 adorable Chihuahuas. Enjoy the board!!

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    Sounds like Mini Schnauzer leads a very active social life, lol. Hey Terry, I have a Chihuahua too.

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    Thank you!

    For your welcome, and yes, I lead a very busy life, walking and sniffing and typing and sleeping and eating and loving and... oh, I'm tired already. I'll take a nap!
    See yah!!
    (I'd like to insert an imager from my computer, but I don't know how to do it! )

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