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Thread: An adorable thief- Contradictory evidence, see #45!

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    An adorable thief- Contradictory evidence, see #45!

    Now just as their purrents Filou and Tigris have friends all over the world. Meet Ruby and Vinnie from New Zealand. They are Burmese and belong to Jennifer who is the daughter of long time friends

    Of course me with my weak spot for handsome kitties who have Asian ancestors I just think they are adorable. As they are young (sadly their big fluffy adopted brother Larry passed away before they became part of the family) they are playful and cuddly:

    But here comes the funniest story: Just like any well educated kitty they will amke sure mom gets a part of the prey. Only that Ruby doesn't bring in mice and other stuff- but toys she steals in the neighborhood.
    Here is her collection but we heard that last night she brought a penguin

    Jennifer tries to find out where she got it from and give the toys back- but there is constant supply
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