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    New to Pet talk

    Hi I'm April and I just recently joined pet talk. I have a question. How do you send a friend request to another member?

    I'm not very good with technology.

    I live in RI and I have three cats:
    Speckles a calico, Henrey a black cat, Otis an orange tabby

    I also have a bunch of fish and two hamsters who I adore.

    And a have a dog part lab and huskey???

    I am a pure cat lover.

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    Well, you have sent a friend request successfully to me, so you must know how now!
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    Welcome to a Rhode Islander!! I grew up on Aquidneck Island; Newport and Portsmouth! You probably were having trouble sending a request in the beginning because you have kind of a probationary period of (I think) a day when you really can't do all the functions.

    RI and a cat person! I'm glad to meet you. Have a great time with the chats and pics!


    ​GO RAVENS!!

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    Thank You
    I finally figured out how to send a friend request after I wrote the message.
    That is cool you grew up in RI.
    I live in Woonsocket.

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    Welcome to another Rhode Islander. I was born and raised in Warwick, tho haven't lived there any of my adult life.
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    Welcome to Pet Talk, I know you will enjoy the group. I lived in East Greenwich for 2 years Many years ago when my ship, The USS Essex, was at Quonset Point.

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