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Thread: Introducing.... *new hammy photos*

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    Introducing.... *new hammy photos*


    Went to the pet shop today.... they had 10 gorgeous little boys... 4 were reserved..... (a little grey one, a little one that looked like Chino, a sandy coloured one and one that looked like Whisk (Golden), only with white on)... so that left me 6 to choose from. There was one that looked like Karno, one that looked like Karno with white, one that looked like Whisk, 2 dark brown-ish ones with white, then a white one with a little bit of cream behind the ears.

    I didn't want another that looked like Karno or Whisk, so that left 3. I was looking at one of the dark brown-ish and white ones (I didn't like the markings of the other dark-brownish and white one), and all the time little white with cream behind his ears was running around, being fairly confident around me etc... and I guess he just grew on me!

    So yes... here is Blanco

    Hey pettalk... can you believe that my mummy said she never thought she would like a white hammy? Can you believe that when she thought I was reserved she shrugged and said ok? Good job I won her over ah?

    Mum says I look like a cheeky little thing.... I don't know why.. I mean, look at my sweet innocent face!

    Don't my little pink paws look so cute against my white fur?

    And talking of paws....

    And this is me exploring my new cage...

    Cage bars taste yummy....

    And here is one of behind my ears! See the cream patches?

    More bar eating!!!!
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    The tubes are fun as well... took me a while to get used to though

    And lastly, here I am looking very sweet

    Thats it for now... hope you enjoyed

    'If everyone else's opinion is what matters, then do you ever really have one of your own?'- Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

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    OMG! Such a sweet little friend here! What a sweetie.

    My compliments for your new addition

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    Oh, My Goodness!!! Blanco what an adorable baby you are!!!

    Looks like you are having a ton of fun exploring your new digs!!! I can't imagine your mommy not wanting a white hammy!!! So happy you changed her mind!!!

    Lots of tiny kisses on your widdle head from me!!!
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    He's gorgeous! I love white hammies with dark eyes. The paw picture made me smile, plus the fact that he's a bar-nibbler just like my little Foxy used to be.

    Congratulations on the new addition, Ellie!

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    Blanco is one of the prettiest hammies I have ever seen.
    Welcome sweet one. You will be loved and spoiled as you should be. Kisses from your aunty across the pond.

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    I never knew hammy paws were so darn cute! I exclaimed OH MY GOSH when I saw those little pink pawsies.

    He is so adorable! Congrats Ellie and welcome home Blanco.
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    I love dominant spotted hammies! He doesn't have a lot of markings but because of the markings on his ears he would be a cream coloured dominant spot syrian. He is very handsome! Congrats!

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    Thanks everyone

    Yeah I love the paws too

    Yep, he is a little dominant spot.. I know a great website with all the info about hammy colours.... I love how he is all white besides around his ears

    He seems fine this morning.... he finally figured out where his bed is (he was sleeping on a platform of his cage yesterday instead of his bed) which is good! I thought I was going to have to go and buy him a new bed, to see if he would go into that one!

    I took some more photos this morning, but I haven't uploaded them yet... I might post them later....

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    Aww, Blanco is so cute!
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    way beyond cute hammie!!.. I´m in love with cute!!.. no wonder why he won you over
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    Blanco is beeeeautiful! congratulations! I liked the hammie paws too. So particularly pink. . . .

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    Awwww! What a sweetie! Welcome, pretty Blanco! *gentle kiss for little white head*
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    Aaahh, I have been defrosted! Thank you, Bonny and Asiel!
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    What a cutie!!
    I love the cream markings

    Congrats on your new addition

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