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Thread: Meet Apollo - Cutie Warning :)!

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    I think we are probably going to end up keeping him. I'm not going to make it offical just yet, just incase but most likely his is going to stay. He gets along very well with our other cats and hopefully next year, my husband and I will be able to get into a bigger place and that will help out too.

    Thank you so much for this link. I think we might start putting socks on that would work better than the wrap I think but we'll have to try him out and see what he thinks.


    Quote Originally Posted by Lizzie View Post
    You are going to find it incredibly hard to give up Apollo, quite likely impossible!

    I saw an article about cat socks on Best Friends recently and am posting the story link here:

    If that is so long that it is a problem, just search their web site for a cat called Charlie Brown. He gets sores also. Perhaps you need to work on this, and get him used to it, before he develops true sores which will be far, far harder to deal with?

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    Sweet apollo


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