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I'm against declawing as well. Even before I knew what it really entailed I was against it. Now that I know what it really is, I try to educate people without being mean. If I didn't know what it truly was at one time, I'm sure others don't truly know what it is. Many vets do not explain what the procedure really is. I've experienced from either myself or someone else telling someone what declawing really is, the person becomes appalled that their vet didn't explain it, that they didn't research it and they feel terrible for having declawed their cat and decide they won't do it again. Education in a tactful if not kindly manner is the only way to attempt to change others' outlook on this. I wish it were illegal everywhere as it is in some countries across the pond from the USA.
I so agree w/this! My good friend had both of her cats declawed (before we met) but those cats have gone to the Bridge and she now has 3 others. When she adopted the first two, I spoke about being against declawing and she said "I've always had my cats declawed and they didn't have any problems" but when I went further on the subject, I made an impact and she now says "Now that I know, I won't declaw" and she hasn't, thankfully. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to adopt out a cat unless the new owner can decide for him/herself whether or not to declaw. Otherwise, the cat stays caged in a rescue until such time as an agreement can be reached. It's very frustrating.