I just spoke with Katjaye a little while ago... Cassie Kay kitty has joined her great love, Twinkie Boo. They were very bonded, and after BooBoo passed in June, I was afraid CassieKay wouldn't last long.

Cassie Kay went to sleep today and didn't wake up. She went to the place Twinkie always laid. Dave found her and took her to be cremated. Katjaye woke up from her nap and CassieKay wasn't anywhere to be found and when she found out what happened, she was heartbroken and called me to let me know.

Cassie Kay was my birthday kitty in June of 1994. she was just a little ball of fluff. Oh, how I loved her... I tried to hide her and not let my momma know we had gotten another kitty, becuase money was super tight. I never could keep a secret from her though... I show up at her house with pictures of Twinkie Boo, and forgot to make sure there weren't any of Cassie Kay. So momma was looking through the TwinkieBoo pictures and says, "Well, who does this kitten belong to?" "uhoh! busted" So she learned about her newest grand-kitty that way.

We were out of town once, and a flying cockroach got in the house... our friend Jason was staying at the house and nearly killed himself trying to get it away from Cassie Kay. I can't remember the whole story, but it involved Cassie Kay, the roach, a ceiling fan and a rolling office chair... and Jason ended up on the floor with Cassie Kay running over him with the roach in her mouth, victorious!

As with Twinkie Boo... Cassie Kay lived with Dave & Katjaye. But they were always in my heart and on my mind. Cassie Kay, jump high at the rainbow bridge sweetie... catch all the flying cockroaches your little heart desires... and please snuggle Twinkie Boo for me.