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Thread: Broken Claw

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    Broken Claw

    I come home today from a friend's place and my male cat Sunny comes up to me. I always pick him up and carry him around, the spoiled kitty he is.Sunny is an indoor/outdoor cat but for the past few days has been inside. I noticed something weird about his back right paw, there was a black-ish dot on it and I knew it wasn't the fur pattern. I took a closer look and noticed his claw wasn't there fully. It snapped in half and there is a small wound around it. It worries me but doesn't seem to bother him much. I am only a teenager who cannot yet drive and my mother doesn't really care much about things like this so I am wondering if anyone has had this happen and if it can be treated in the house. If I would need to take him to the vet I could always call someone else up to help me get him there.
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    That sounds like an injury that a vet should look at. Cats are notorious stoics - they won't let on that they're in pain until things get completely out of hand. Better make sure it's not infected.

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    My cat Specs did that several years ago. He jumped on the screen door and got his claw caught and when he untangled himself, the claw broke. He got quite an infection from it and my vet thought he may need to remove the entire toe but it turned out that it wasn't necessary. So please take your Sunny to the vet to be checked out. Cats hide illness and pain very well and he may be hurting and infection could set in. Good luck w/getting a ride to the vet and please keep us posted.

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