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    Broken Claw

    I come home today from a friend's place and my male cat Sunny comes up to me. I always pick him up and carry him around, the spoiled kitty he is.Sunny is an indoor/outdoor cat but for the past few days has been inside. I noticed something weird about his back right paw, there was a black-ish dot on it and I knew it wasn't the fur pattern. I took a closer look and noticed his claw wasn't there fully. It snapped in half and there is a small wound around it. It worries me but doesn't seem to bother him much. I am only a teenager who cannot yet drive and my mother doesn't really care much about things like this so I am wondering if anyone has had this happen and if it can be treated in the house. If I would need to take him to the vet I could always call someone else up to help me get him there.
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