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Thread: Sylvia is pooping everywhere!

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    Sylvia is pooping everywhere!

    Hello I am new to the forums and found you while searching for other people in similar situations as myself.

    That is Sylvia she is 15 years old. My brother and I have had her since she was a kitten. I have two other cats that my girlfriend and I have raised Mae and Orion. Mae is a 3 year old ragdoll-siamese and Orion is a 7 month old abyssinian.

    Now to get to the problem, Sylvia randomly goes to the bathroom in the cat box. She is now 15 years old and has never covered her stool up, but now it just gets worst she has pooped on the new carpet we laid down in the bathroom which we had to then throw away she then went on and started pooping on any clothes that were left in the bathroom or in the rooms she also has pooped in different corners of the house and now she has started pooping on my brother's bed. She has the best relationship with my brother and we are moving in a month and we can't be having this at our new place this must be stopped or I will be forced to get rid of her. Any help would be appreciated and I will answer all questions you people have about the situation.

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    First, welcome to Pet Talk!!! I am so sorry that your girl, Sylvia is having problems. Have you changed the litter that you use? Has any of the other cats been bothering her while she was in the box? Are the litterboxes immaculate?? Cats are so fussy. When was the last time that Sylvia went to see her vet? and had her stool tested? She is a sweet senior kitty and a very pretty tuxedo. Good luck!!!

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    If she's been a good girl all these years and suddenly is doing this and it's so out of character for her, then I'd say that a vet visit in order. It could be due to any number of things such as what was suggested in the previous post but I'd rule out illness first. If it's behavioral, there are medications that you can give her that will alter her behavior but not her personality. Please don't "get rid of her". Obviously something is wrong and she needs your help. Oh and btw, welcome to Pet Talk.

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    I agree with what these two have already posted.

    In addition at her age it's possible that she has arthritis and is finding stepping over into the litterbox to be painful. There are some meds a vet can prescribe for her if it is arthritis that may help.

    Be aware that the longer the problem goes on without treatment the more of a habit it becomes and is more difficult to reverse even if the original cause is treated.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.

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    Wow, this sounds similar to what I'm experiencing! My kitty is a 13 yr old domestic longhair. Just recently she started that same behavior & I attributed it to her not liking my changing the type of litter I used & went back to the other stuff... that worked for a little while, but she started up again, going in corners of different rooms... but the last time she did it, it scared me because it looked bloody & mucosy... I'd never seen it that way before. The first thing I thought of was I need to get her to the vet, but I've been unemployed for months & have zero dollars for emergency expenses. She was fine yesterday & I'll keep an eye on her, but I sure could use some answers too

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