From her latest blog but may as well post it everywhere if I'm gonna do this and enjoy the photos to follow

The other day a nice fellow made use of our gift button on our website and sent a gift to Pua. I let him know all gifts right now were being saved to get Pua the best gift of all, a new boyfriend, and he sent a bit more. Very nice and if you have on of our calendars you know it's Pua's birthday month.

We almost had enough this month till some urgent situations came up including canine vet care. But that's life and why i wont get a mate for Pua till I have price, costs and some extra for emergency.

Some time back someone jokingly posted they wanted everyone to donate $10 to buy their zoo a new tamandua so they could name it in honor of someone. You'd just need 160 people to get $1,600 for purchase price.

After much deliberation I decided that's a good idea. Yes I am boldly asking others to help me buy a new pet but it's for Pua, more than me I mean new pet means more work and her playing more with him than me, once they are used to each other. So this is for those that like to send Pua gifts. Sure sweaters and ants are nice and yummy but a boyfriend last for a lifetime. You can boss him around, lick out his ears and play and snuggle with him.

I'm sure Pua has at least a few hundred friends and fans. No pressure, we'll keep plugging along till we get the fund ourselves. But if you are one of those that has expressed how much you'd like to see her with a new man you now have an option to help make it happen.

I started an account at GimmePleez:

Or you can use the gift button on our home page:

Sorry for that but hey, beats holding a sign up a street corner "will work for anteaters"

So back to our regularly scheduled programing...

Pua snuggling my leg
Been doing this a lot. Hugging on my leg like baby on mommy anteater's back.

Sleepy girl
Spent half the night doing this when there were fire works. They didn't bother her last year but now the world is a scarier place.

Quasi at the park

Ha Ha

Quasi rolling in the grass

Pua out for a walk

Checking out a mossy log for ants

She peeked out and was going back in and told her to stop so I could get a pic.

Anteater facial..
..Looks itchy