Well, yesterday was one year ago that I said goodbye to you Mr Moe. I couldn't bring myself to make this post yesterday. I think Jax is keeping me busy. He makes me smile and I often think of you when I look at him.
I know I said it before but Paizly is really stepping up and taking over things you used to do. She asks to sit in the bathroom window. She is having to deal with a younger sibling. She isn't all cuddly with him yet, but she does play with him (more than you did with her).

I want to thank you for sending us Jax. He fits into this house perfectly! He reminds us of you with his coloring, although he has more white than you and he is TINY!!!

I miss you Taz so much. There's times I get tears in my eyes when I think of you and that day one year ago. Like right now.... It does help knowing you are happy and pain free at the bridge playing with the other animals there. Tell DJ hello for us, oh and let Starr know his meowmie misses him too.