Cindy, I got your email and I sent you one back but I wanted to say goodbye to Taz on here. You have always brought me and tried to give me so much comfort through the years with the loss of my beloved babies. I loved hearing stories about Taz and seeing beautiful pics of him. When I think of you and Taz, I think of two peas in a pod, no one was better suited to each other than the two of you. Taz would not have had the love and the home that he did with anyone but you, you were his best friend!! The choices we have to make sometimes when it concerns our best friends are not always the ones we want to do, but we do them out of love, respect,trust and knowing that as much as we want to keep them with us forever that is just not possible. For you as much love, hugs and prayers as I can possibly give to you.

Taz, I was smitten with you the very first time I saw your picture, you could just see all your sassiness and the happiness you had. I am so very sorry you were so sick, but you are now at peace sweet boy, go and play with my Bei-jing and all the other kitties and have the best time. Try to let Mom know from time to time that you are okay. RIP Taz.