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    Question Swimming

    We have a pool in our back yard. Not one of our dogs will jump into it. It would be great to have them jump and play in the water. Is there something that I could do to ease the dogs into this process, and eventually get them to swim?

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    Swimming with mutts

    I don't have a pool (OH I wish I did) but I tried something when staying with a friend who had one. A friend who I'm VERY jealous of. It might work for you.

    I got in the the pool and showed Blackjack the Wonder Mutt that it was a safe place. He was interested. I then took his favorite toy in with me, followed by treats, trying to show him that the pool is where all his favorite things were.

    He wanted to come in and was acting all nervous and crazy. Whining. Finally, I sat on the steps, mostly out of the pool, and he came over to me. Just like a little kid, he tried one foot in the water, then both, then all four, then finally got in and paddled around. It was 10 minutes of work but SO WORTH IT. We got to swim together!

    Good luck!

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    My dog is utterly confused by swimming pools and refuses to go in. To them, it's a giant water bowl, and they really don't know what to do with it. But whatever you do, don't force them into the pool or carry them in, because this makes them panic. Also he/she may not know how to get out, so try showing him where the steps to the pool are and going down it individually to show him how. He might understand, but just be patient. thanks a bunch!

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    My niece taught Zoee to swim. At the time they had drained the pool and were in the process of refilling it. So they were able to get in the pool then go to the deep end and ease into the water. Now Zoee will jump in on her own. In fact, its a hassle to keep her OUT of it!!

    Taggart is still learning. What my niece does is she gets in the water and coaxes them in. Also seeing the other dogs helps. But so far Taggart is not too keen on the pool. He likes to play/bite the sprinklers in the backyard and he's recently gotten used to the kiddie pool we have. But we're still working on getting him to swim in my parents pool. We will be on vacation for over a week, so I'm sure he will be a pro swimmer by the time we get back.
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    i once brought my dog to the beach.. he immediately went to the water and i think he enjoyed it.. but he never really liked taking baths.. weird right?

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    Not really weird, my dogs all love water but aren't keen on baths either. I think a bath doesn't seem like a fun thing to them.

    Did you try carrying your dog in your arms and letting it float around you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asiel View Post
    Not really weird, my dogs all love water but aren't keen on baths either. I think a bath doesn't seem like a fun thing to them.

    Did you try carrying your dog in your arms and letting it float around you?
    my dog just stands up when he takes a bath. he's so scared that he stands up on two feet and i support his front feet with my arms and hands

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    Well he's got talent anyway if he can stand on two feet. Guess some dogs just plain hate water. Maybe in time with lots of treats and coaxing he'll learn to like it better. Wonder if you could try a dry shampoo until he gets older. I sometimes spritz mine with cider vinegar and water so I can brush them between groomings. I don't bathe, I send them to the groomer's, easier and no mess. They're both large dogs.

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    my dog is 5 years old and ever since he was still a puppy, he didn't like baths.....

    i'm so sorry to ask this but, what is a dry shampoo?
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    They sell it in spray cans at the pet shops. It comes out like a foam, something like shaving cream and you just rub it all over the dog till he's very damp and then towel dry, they come out smelling so good.
    I can't always find it here so I mix half and half water and cider vinegar and put it in a spray bottle and spray them down with this and massage it in real well, then I towel dry and groom them. Their fur comes out soft and shiny and it's a natural repellent at the same time. Good for their skin also.

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    oh. this is the first time that i've heard of that..
    thank you very much

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    Water dogs

    Some dogs just naturally take to the water as they are bred for it. Some are mutts and have some spaniel, setter or other dog that loves to romp and swim in it. I can tell you that all my beagles I ever had, wanted nothing to do with water - pool, streams or baths. The very best of them simply tolerated a bath and I was just pleased to not have to fight with them. My current girl (beagle) Ginger is one who is not too pleased to get a bath but will tolerate one. Now Bob, our scruffly mutt (not sure heritage) loves his baths. And I take him fishing with me and he just goes in and out of the lake at his leisure. Usually only go out up to his neck, but will fetch a stick as long as he doesn't have to swim too far out.

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