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    Question Rude/ Rough Play

    My family and I, have an eight month australian shepherd puppy,Tahoe, that we got from a breeder. Upon serious consideration we decided to adopt another dog. We recently adopted a yellow lab, Reno, from the local spca. He is believed to be between 1 and two. Upon bringing him home we noticed that he was dominat over her. He is not neutered but will be on monday. My biggest concern is his "rough play". It almost seems as the dog is trying to lineback tackle Tahoe. We also noticed that when she submits to him he continues to bite her. There is no agression, there is definitely no growling, or snarling. I just don't know what to do, I always break up the rough play but it is exhausting having to watch the two play and jumping in the middle when I think things are too rough. Any suggestions?

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    They are just establishing who is dominant, and I don't think there's anything to worry about. How long has he been with you? This may lessen considerably after he gets "the big snip," but it likely would anyway, once each has decided who is boss. If there's no aggression, and she doesn't seem bothered by it, I wouldn't worry too much.

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    We have only had him this past week. It is really effecting "Play time" though. We already knew that Tahoe was so passive that whatever dog we brought in would be dominant. How long does establishing dominance last? If things do not improve after he is neutered, are there any meathods to make him "play gentle"?

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    Bob was the "pup" when we got him. He quickly grew and became more and more dominant. He is always bumping or backing his rear end into Ginger just to bother her. Sometimes, most of he time Ginger tolerates it, but occasionally she snaps out and the all "H" breaks loose. Sorry... but it seems like nothing has improved it - even with all the disciplining and "" that we do. While not improving, it has lessened.

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    Should I be worried about my sunbmissive dog?

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    Today Reno bite Tahoe's neck in play. Should I be worried?

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    Was it a real bite, or just the play kind of one? You can keep a squirt gun handy and when rough play starts happening, say "No" and squirt the offender, if that disrupts the behavior.
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