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Thread: A game my dog likes to play

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    A game my dog likes to play

    It's called "Let me out." It's usually followed by an equally popular game, "Let me back in."

    For me, the game is called "Doorman for a Dog."

    Anyone else know a game like this?

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    No. You must have a fence. I have to walk the senior citizen.

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    Myndi's game is "Get Up Mom".

    I do believe that she just can't stand to see me sitting and relaxing at all. She comes and sits by me, and if I ignore her, then she starts in with the nonsensical (is that a real word? ) barking. I tell her to go lay down, and she does for all of 2 minutes, then she's back at it again. So thinking that she probably has to go out, I get up, and as soon as she sees me getting up, she runs and gets under my bed. So did she need to go out or is she just deviling with me? I'd say it's 50/50, but since I don't want to have to clean up after her, then I have to think she's serious 100% of the time. At least she's having fun with her silly game!
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