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Thread: Underweight pregnant queen

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    Underweight pregnant queen

    The past month, my roommate and I have noticed a black cat skittering away from our outdoor feeder when we would go outside. Yesterday, she did not run away and we were able to get a good look at her. She is VERY pregnant and underweight. I lured her out from under the car with some food, and she is now resting comfortably in one of our bathrooms. She is actually a very sweet kitty, just a little unsure of us. We have provided her with water, dry kitten food, and an occaisional small can of moist food. Is there anything else we should provide for her that would help her to gain a little weight before/after she has her kittens? Thank you.

    PS. She looks like she could drop her litter any time now. Her tummy is low and sticks out on both sides.
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    What are doing now is fine. Make sure she can relax and feel safe, then she will probably start eating more. You could put a box with blankets/towels for her.

    Good luck with her kittens, and thanks for helping her.

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    Thank you for taking her in!! Keep an eye on her. I suggest you go get some kitten food both canned and dry, as she needs all the nutrients she can get for her babies. You can also give her Nutrical, a paste that is high in vitamins and minerals. Keep a nigh light on and a radio with classical music playing if you can. Keep her as calm as you can.

    Set up a box layered with old towels. When birth is impending, she'll be hanging around in a specific spot. Giving birth takes a total of 10 hours from start to finish. If you watch her belly, it'll contract and relax. Just be there for her, reassuring her. Let her do the work, but watch her carefully. When a kitten is born, she will tear open the sac and start cleaning her baby. If she doesn't do this, you'll have to tear the sac open for her to allow the baby to breath.

    I had the opportunity to watch a foster of mine, Mattie Grace, give birth to 4 beautiful babies. I stayed with her the entire time, in awe of the process. She will be able to be spayed once her babies are weaned, at about 6-8 weeks.

    Thank you again for coming to this beautiful girl's rescue. If you need anymore help, just ask. That's what we're all here for.

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    You did a very good thing!!!! St. Francis is smiling...

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    Thank you for taking her in; she needed you. I can't add to what the others told you to do-good advice. Take care of her! We'll be eagerly awaiting an update!

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    Oh how wonderful that you were able to get her to trust you and that you took her in. I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job of taking care of her. Please update us and post pix if you can.

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    Well, here's a few pictures of Pretty Mama Obviously, she was more interested in the food than the camera You can really see her babies, too

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