Well, Pinot is a little adventurer!

A year ago, when we first adopted her, our pet sitter told us Pinot opened the screen/slider door on the basement level (where Pinot spends a lot of time; finished basement, her food and litter box are down there, the back has a full walk out) and let herself out. She hasn't done it since, and we haven't thought about it. Last night, about 10PM, my husband went down to watch the rest of the ball game, I was cleaning the kitchen; he came up with a panicked look and said "have you seen Pinot?". No, why? The screen door is opened...she did it again! We looked for her for well over an hour, although not far, because it was dark. We were so upset!! Finally, about 11:30, my husband called for me and said she had been sitting at the edge of the woods behind us, and probably laughing at us looking for her! He brought her inside and she's fine. Whew!!

Just thought I'd share our little stressful episode!