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    Virtual Dog Help

    Known as "The Dogfather" in the virtual world Second Life,as well as in real life, I am Vitolo Rossini. I invite you to explore the Vitrtual world of 2nd Life, and to come to see me!
    I own Dogland Park in the region of Rhoda. This has become the most popular dog park in the virtual world of Second Life.
    Owning and working with one of these dogs, can be the most rewarding experience you have ever had, in a computer "metaverse". At my dog park my philosophy is "you bought
    a dog... you will get respect!". We go out of our way at Dogland to make certain that all of your virtual dog needs are met 24/7.
    Come and see me or my little nephew (with big dog smarts) Danny06 Aya, and let us walk you through the experience of a lifetime!
    The dogs are always getting new exciting features, and are true artificial intelligence , and can learn and develope as you do. This enhances your virtual experience to such an extent, that the great confidence you build carries over into your daily life.

    It is time for you to come and try Second Life. It is easily downloaded, and is a virtual world with endless possibilities!
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