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Thread: Oh Dear - What Can the Matter Be ?

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    Oh Dear - What Can the Matter Be ?

    I was out with my Mummy yesterday, and there were some flowers in a big bouquet outside a florist shop. I went over to have a look, and smell. A few moments later my Mummy shrieked, and started laughing so hard. I was a bit offended, as I did not know what she was laughing at, and she was pointing at me and waving her hands. When we got home, I was put on the chair in the bathroom, and she got some tissue paper and started wafting it all over my snout and the top of my head, she was still laughing, and told me that I had to stay still as some funny stuff called stamen/pollen had come out of the huge lily and was all over my little face.

    Guess what - it would not come out, and my face turned bright yellow !

    Oh dear, she had to use some special stuff and rub hard, and then she put the shower all over my face and nose, it was horrid ! After my blow dry, it is still a little yellow, but I have a bath every week, and as we are all going on holiday, she is hoping it will be gone by the time we leave, and I will be restored to my usual snow white !

    This is a lesson to all my furry buddies - NEVER STICK YOUR NOSE INSIDE A LILY !
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    Silly Snowdrop - Sparky is laughing at the thought. He sometimes comes in with green feet after the grass has just been cut. He said to tell you that you're still his favorite girlfriend - yellow face and all.
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