I am not good with things of this nature...

I just spoke to Katjaye and she let me know that Twinkie Boo has been helped to the Rainbow Bridge. From what I understand, he was in multiple organ failure.

My ex-hubby and I got Twinkie Boo when he was just a baby. Some folks had found him under a stairwell and brought him into the vets office. We just happened to be in there at the time and ended up taking him home to be bottle fed. His eyes weren't even at the color change point yet... he fit into Dave's shirt pocket and his little head didn't even poke out. He was the cutest, sweetest little ball of orange I'd ever seen.

When we got him home to be bottle fed, my mom volunteered to do it since she wasn't working at the time (and we were). Her phrase for him was "You little twinkie" and that's how he got his name. She loved him so much, we took him to see her about once a month. I hope that she will take care of Twinkie now that he's back with her over the bridge.

Even though Twinkie Boo hasn't officially been "my" cat for a long time, Katjaye always let me know how he and his sister Cassie Kay were doing. I even got to see them the last time I was home on vacation. I still love them, and am so sad at the news of Twinkie's passing. Cassie Kay and Twinkie loved each other so much, and have spent their entire lives together. Cassie Kay is only about a month younger than Twinkie, so I hope she does okay.

Katjaye and her husband and daughter are in my thoughts and prayers tonight, as are Cassie Kay and Puffkin.