My husband and I are in Baltimore on vacation! We went to a Washington Nationals game on Saturday, May 23rd. We are going to the ORIOLES games this afternoon and tommorrow evening. Then we'll check out of our hotel here in Baltimore and drive up to Philadelphia for a game there on Wednesday.

We'll do some sight-seeing and stuff around that area and then on Saturday we'll ride AmTrak to NYC and go to a Mets game. We're scheduled to return to Baltimore on the 1st of June. We'll go to another Nationals game on the 2nd, and fly back home on the 4th.

We were thinking of going to the Memorial Day Service at Arlington National Cemetery today, but decided against it and chose the 1:35 game today at Camden Yards instead. We're really glad we decided to do that, because we were in D.C. yesterday and there was a HUGE motorcycle demonstration/parade in memory and honor of all of the POW's and MIA's, as well as Veterans. It was an awesome sight to see.

With the number of people in D.C. for that, we figured they would probably try to go to the Arlington service as well, and we decided not to fight the crowds. We'll have time to do some more sight-seeing in D.C. on June 2nd & 3rd.

I have an uncle and aunt buried at Arlington National Cemetery, and am looking forward to visiting the cemetery and their grave next week when things are a little calmer around there..............................