Good morning and a very happy Pet of the Day to you, precious Tai Lung! Oh my gosh, if yours aren't some of the most adorable Pet of the Day pics I've ever laid eyes on! TOOO cute! And I laughed out loud when I read your Mom describing you as the dog of pocket pets! The mental image of you gazing out the car window had me smiling out loud! hehe You're simply the most adorable, joyful, lovable, little furkid; your family is one lucky bunch having you in their lives, bringing them endless hours of smiles, laughter and loving companionship! Enjoy your much deserved day on the big stage, Tai Lung! Hope you're treated to an extra helping of your fave foods, (but not tomatoes) extra fun playtime with your peeps and pup pal, and of course, lots and lots of extra good loving! Cuddles and little kisses to you, precious Tai Lung!