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Thread: Ginger's Leg

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    Ginger's Leg

    My husband was a member here long time ago. He was Bobs'Dad. Bob is our scruffy mutt, but this post is about Ginger - our Beagle. Dan gave her a bath this morning and she looked normal. Just now I noticed that her back right hind quarter is swollen - almost twice the size of her left thigh. She doesn't seem to be in any pain and is not limping - and we really did not notice it this morning (seems like it it were this big, we would have). She really doesn't like her baths and fights to get out of the tub. Do you suppose that she might have strained it or pulled while getting her bath and it is just swollen? Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Absolutely she could have strained the muscle struggling in the tub. How is it that some dogs think bath water is deadly, but will jump into the yuckiest swap water without hesitation? Anyway, I'd keep an eye on it, and watch to see if she's favoring it at all. Does it feel warm? Any sign or chance it is something else - reaction to a bug bite or the like? Poor thing!
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    Ginger's leg

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your response. No, it does not feel warm to the touch and it doesn't seem to bother her to touch it, or press against it. She doesn't even seem to be limping, but she might be favoring it just the tiniest bit.

    Having strained it,do you think it could have swollen that much so fast - time from bath until we noticed was a couple of hours. We had gone shopping and had returned and noticed it.

    P.S. Bob this past winter... if anyone remembers him

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    I think about you guys all the time. So great to hear from you. I can't wait for the pic. I remember Bob and Ginger. I hope Ginger's leg will go back to normal and heal.

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    Thanks Barry!

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    Now i feel a lump

    Ginger's leg has gone down in size from it's swollen size, but not all the way. It is still noticeably fatter in the upper thigh area. Now I was feeling that area and I can feel a lump. It is up high on her back right hind quarter, about 2 inches over from her rectum. It is definitely a lump, but don't know if it is a swollen gland or something worse. Any ideas from anyone?

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    How about a bug bite? I would definitely check with the vet. I'm not familiar with alot of dog ailments. If I were you, I'd give the vet a call tomorrow and see what they can offer. Best wishes.
    Daisy and Delilah, and me, send kisses to Ginger and Bob.

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    Thanks Barry!

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    Just as a precaution I would have a Vet look at the leg. It's hard to give advise over a forum of what it may be. If it is a sprain which my dogs have had in the past I always keep arnica which is a homeopathic remedy on hand and give immediately. But, with a sprain my dogs have favored that leg.

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    Vet checked

    Apparently it is nothing. Nothing but a harmless fibrous lump in her rear hind quarter. Vet says she has some others at various locations too. But her rear left leg seemed much bigger than the other (in what would be the thigh area for us). I guess it must have been that way for a while, because she seems fine and the leg still seems to be a bit bigger. Not as much, but just a bit larger. Maybe it has been that way for a while and we just did not notice.

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