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Thread: RIP Bea Arthur

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    RIP Bea Arthur

    I actually liked the Golden Girls...and Maude wasn't a bad show either. She also was rather successful on Broadway.

    You will be missed Bea!

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    I heard about this yesterday this totally bums me out. I watch the golden girls everyday when it's on. I"m so sad.

    RIP Bea

    R.I.P my dear Sweet Teddy. You will be missed forever. We love you.

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    She was a superb actress I love her on Golden Girls, I have all the seasons and watch them regurlarly. Thanks for the many laughs. Rest In Peace.

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    Golden Girls fan here. RIP Bea.
    Forever in my heart...

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    She made me laugh SO many times!! She will be missed terriably. RIP Bea!

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    I gasped when I saw this. I loved the Golden Girls too.

    RIP Bea
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    I hail from South Carolina, but Texas is where I hang my hat :)
    I love the Golden Girls. She was near 90, what a great life.
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    BIG Bea Arthur fan! I loved the Golden Girls, Maude, and remember her back on All in the Family - she was a great actress, very funny woman. She'll be missed.

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    Yes I was sad to hear this.. She was such a good woman.. I just Loved to watch her in all the diff shows she played in.. RIP Bea Arthur..

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    My daughter is the biggest Golden Girls fan on earth. She's watched her CD sets until they're almost worn out. I called her to tell her about Bea Arthur. We both almost cried. I love her too and I also love Golden Girls. We're both still trying to recover from "Sophia's" death. What a sad thing to hear that "Dorothy" has also died.

    Rest In Peace Bea I know that heaven is loving your great sense of humor.

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    Thanks Barry!

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    Bea ~ Thank you for many wonderful hours of entertainment. You will be missed.
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