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Thread: Godspeed, Pirate

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    Awww I'm so sad reading this. I always look forward to posts of your crew... and to see that one has moved on the the RB is bittersweet.

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    Rest Easy Miss Pirate!!

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    RIP sweet Pirate. I am glad that you knew love these past 14 months. Play hard, painfree, and whole once again at the RB.

    God bless you Glacier for showing Pirate true love.
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    I didn't even need to open the thread before the tears started to flow. We all knew this day would come eventually since Pirate was a senior lady, but it's just never easy to hear this kind of news. Pirate was blessed to have had 14 wonderful, love filled, warm, happy months with you and your gang. It's a shame it couldn't be longer but at least she got what she deserved for the last 14 months of her life. She was a lucky girl to have found you and you're an angel to have taken her under your wing.

    Rest well, old gal. You were so beautiful.

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    Unhappy A Beloved 'Pirate' ...

    There's a new FurAngel, North of The Bridge

    Quote Originally Posted by Glacier View Post

    This morning Pirate was released from her failing body.

    ... she had 14 comfortable, happy months here.

    Pirate passed peacefully on her favorite blankets surrounded by love.

    I am glad she was here even for a brief time; glad she knew warmth,
    safety and love in her life.
    I adored her and my heart is broken, but I know hers is whole and healthy again.

    Godspeed my girly. I'll miss you.

    Hi God ~

    We've sent you a very special FurAngel - Pirate.

    Please welcome her into Your Flock of BridgeKids.

    And send Comfort to Tamara and Stuart.

    Run Free, North of The Bridge, Pirate.

    /s/ the Prayer Pups & Phred


    The Silver Harness


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    RIP sweetie, I'm glad you were in the care of such a loving person your last days.
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    You gave her a good home and lots of love for 14 months, thats alot of dog kharma on your plus side. Great picture.

    To Pirate, from one pirate to another, cheers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freckles View Post
    God speed, Pirate.
    You knew heaven on earth this past year.
    Yes. That was my first thought.

    Thank you Tamara and Stuart. Thank you Pirate for bringing us joy.

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    I am sorry to see this. Pirate was surrounded by love, and frankly, no time is ever enough. Thank you for opening your heart and home to this beauty. She took that with her as she made the journey, I am sure.

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    oh pirate, i'm so glad you had a caring, soft and loving home your last months. please tell duke and alex they are missed....
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    Thank you so much for welcoming Pirate into your life. You knew from the beginning that her stay would not be long but you made sure that every day was filled with comfort, warmth and love. What a blessing to end your days that way.

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    I'm so sorry about Pirate Tamara. May she rest peacefully with all of the other RB angels.
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    I remember when she arrived !! Oh dear Pirate, what a sweetie. Godspeed, darling.

    Tamara, I can only echo what everyone else has already said. Those 14 months with you and your pack were truly a gift, for Pirate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Husky_mom View Post
    not what i wanted to hear... but I´m glad she passed on peacefully and surrounded by love... just as she deserved... you gave her her best last 14 months...

    we´ll miss you cutie!!
    Me neither, but I agree completely with what HuskyMom wrote (and everyone else)
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    I went searching for this quote that was posted in a Cat Health thread...I thought of it when reading about Pirate.

    [IMG]"Sometimes it takes your whole life to find the love you need, but once you do, all the time without doesn't count any more.”[/IMG]

    Bless you and Stuart, Tamara...and Godspeed, Pirate, blessed pup.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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