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Thread: Malachi's "big snip" - update: his neuter "out of norm" :(

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    Malachi's "big snip" - update: his neuter "out of norm" :(

    I dropped Malachi off today for his neuter surgery. Gosh, it's been so long since I've had a pet in for a spay/neuter and it's just amazing how worried you get. Poor little Malachi was trembling when I dropped him off. He's gained 2 pounds since the last time I was at the vet! He's now 7 pounds! He's getting to be a big boy!

    I sure hope everything goes ok!
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    Best wishes for Malachi! I'm sure he'll be home and snuggling with Phinehas in no time.

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    Poor little Malachi. I remember that for boys it's rather easy but I still would be worried. All the best for the little guy.

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    Malachi just think what a Bigg Boy you will grow to be without those NumNums back there.. I just know you will be fine.. Yes its normal for meowmom to be so worried.. Update us ok..

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    malachi don't give up those widout a fight man!

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    I'm sure your boy Malachi will be just fine but we'll send up prayers anyhow because they're our furkids and they're so special to us.

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