This should have been my first post, but my names is Robyn, I am from Saskatchewan Canada. I have 2 siberian huskies Jagger and Alaska, they are my fur babies. Jag were have had since he was 7 weeks, we took him early because he was born outside when it was -40 celcius and was getting colder, we didnt want a pupcicle. Alaska we got when she was 3ish, this being her 3rd home. the first she was abused, the second she was tied up on a short chain that was way to tight for her, and now us. They accidently had a litter of pups, Alaska was so scared of us that we could not get her inside and the previous owners told us she was in heat a month before we got her so we were not expecting it. although puppies was the best thing for her. It allowed her to trust us. the previous owners said they never seen her wag her tail, but she does now, but is still scared of all people over 4 feet tall. but we love her.


their puppies