To be honest, if they choose wisely, I think the ban could be a good thing. How would you feed if tamandua's became the next fad pet to hit the big chain stores? Yes, the current pets should be grandfathered, but is it that bad that new ones may not be able to be kept as pets anymore? Do we really need to domesticate more wild animals to end up in our houses for our own entertainment?

I believe some animals do not belong as pets, chinchillas and sugar gliders do not make good pets because of their needs. Yeah there are a lot of people capable of meeting those needs, but for every good owner there are a hundred bad ones. Multimammate mice are totally unnecessary in the pet trade. And do we really need degus? Turtles like red-eared sliders too often are kept in a 10 gallon tank and then released into the wild when they get too big. If not being banned, something should be done so that they cost $100 instead of $20. Lots of reptile permits or something to discourage an impulse buy.

I truely think that hamsters and gerbils and such will be spared from this law, along with anything domesticated like rabbits and ferrets. I think there will also be far too many other pets that are spared from being banned when they should. Just my opinion though.