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Thread: Loving Anteater - and a pet law issue

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    Loving Anteater - and a pet law issue

    Pua Love
    Bonding time with Pua. I can't believe the camera picked up the ad playing on my headphone! Part way through she is concerned of the car noise, sounds like a growling jaguar to her.

    Now for a little public service announcement. A bill has been introduced into Congress that could have Pua ripped from her loving home and killed or if "lucky" placed in a zoo without a wash machine to sleep in or ketchup! We are talking about H.R. 669, a ban on nonnative species, bans import, breeding sale and ownership, grandfathers currently owned animals IF proof can be shown that they were owned before the law was enacted. Yes we have plenty of proof Pua has been here awhile but if we do get Pua a new mate before the law is passed and they happen to have a baby that would be a violation of the law and so they all could be taken.

    Not convinced yet this is bad? Do you own anything that is not a domestic dog, cat or farm animal and is not native to the USA? If you do this will effect your animals.

    All non-native species will have to be classified as safe or pottentialy invasive/dangerous. There are an estimated 10-100 million animal species. They will have 27 months to evaluate every species and list it as safe or banned. Everything not listed as safe or banned is to be treated as banned anyway. Will they forget to list hamsters as safe, can they prove that Sugar gliders aren't potentially invasive?

    Here is more information. At the bottom is contact info for the members of the commity that will be hearing this on April 23rd. Email, fax and or call them all. Also inform your congressional representatives that you want them to vote no on this.

    This could potentially cause the deaths of millions of exotic animals and devastate an industry that so far has been largely unaffected by the bad economy. All these exotic owners not only pay for the animals, buy supplies, food, vet care, gas to take them to the vet and get supplies, airline shipping charges, ect.

    There is already a way for the government to deal with invasive species, things like mongooses are already banned based on enviornmental and invasive hazard. This bill bans everything that they don't decide to list as safe, that somehow must be proven as safe.

    Alright then back to our usual programing

    wake up Pua

    Laundry day

    Good evening, have a nice nap

    She wanted to sleep in the bed instead of her hammock.

    Nap time

    Not quite ready to get up

    Stealing a bathroom drink

    She likes to visit all the water sources in the house, in case of drought she will know where to look.

    Will do anything for cheese

    Tongue action - you may need to look big

    Are you looking at me?


    Yay, been awhile since I caught a yawn!

    Have a nice nap
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